Life Lately

I. I recently finished reading How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan, and I liked it a lot. David Levithan wrote the stories in the book as Valentine’s Day gifts for his friends, and I kind of wish I could give away my stories (when I still wrote them) as freely as he did.

The stories are about love in its many forms, and most of them made me think of my first real heartbreak at seventeen. I was crazy about him, and he wasn’t so crazy about me. I drowned myself in Stephen King books, and stayed away from romantic comedies for over a year. Oh, the drama.

II. Rico and I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier last Wednesday. The action scenes were awesome, but I honestly loved the character development more. Captain America has this very black-and-white view about right and wrong, and, in the end, he realizes that there’s a gray area in today’s times. My only complaint is that Chris Evans did not have a single shirtless scene in the movie. >.<

III. Instead of Starbucks, I’ve been getting my coffee fix from this new place called iDrink. I’ve become slightly obsessed with their Hong Kong-style Coffee Milk Tea. It’s like adrenaline in a spill-proof plastic cup, something I definitely need when I’m functioning on less than five hours of sleep.

IV. I’ve been loving two things lately: coral lipstick and my black triangle necklace.